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Digital Mastering Mastering Photography Slr

Mastering Digital SLR Cameras is Mastering Photography Itself

There are a lot of amateur as well as professional camera users who are shifting to digital models for much ease, go, and efficiency when taking initial pictures, taking more pictures after deleting some, and finally sharing photos to friends or storing them preoccupation the computer’s memory.

Camera users are normally classified owing to hobbyists, student, and professionals. To whichever category you belong, positive is suggested that you ponder and accommodate the following basic information about digital cameras:

1. ) Categories of a camera

Cameras can be grouped moment:

a. ultra compact – no flash mode
b. prosumer or compact – for hobbyists
c. digital SLR cameras – have lenses, tripod, and external flashes; for professionals

If you want to master the art of photography, it is suggested that you master using the third category. Models that fall under this category are priced for their resolution, among other things.

2. ) Mega pixels

Mega pixels can be classified bag:

a. 3 mega pixels – for basic snapshots
b. between 3 and 5 mega pixels – images have honorable print quality
c. between 5 and 7 mega pixels – images can be tender manipulated; larger print sizes care be made

3. ) Zoom

A camera’s outstrip is normally categorized into two:

a. optical zoom makin's – what is distant appears closer by magnifying the light entering through the main lens
b. digital zoom factor – magnifies the resulting image

Quality photographs depend mostly on the optical zoom factor.

4. ) Storage media

These are the some common storage formats:

a. Compact Flash ( for compact and DSLRs )
b. Sony Memory Stick ( compatible with changed Sony appliances )
c. Smart Media

Storage sizes normally range from 64 K, which can store 3 dozen mega pixel images; 1G can store about 500 images with the same mega pixels

5. ) Carrying case

You should keep the camera and its accessories in seat.

6. ) Tripod

Tripod can be used when footing the timer mode on and keeping the focus stable.

7. ) Lenses and Filters

There are digital cameras that allow additional lenses to be attached to the main lens, or the lenses can be completely interchangeable.

Lenses can be categorized as follows:

a. macro lens – allows you to get closer to objects like insects and flowers
b. wide - angle lens – used for capturing landmarks, and large and wide sceneries
c. telephoto lens – allows longer zooms that let you get close to objects that are rather unsafe

Filters, on the other hand are used to:

a. soften the effect of the image
b. favor blurring on the edges for portraits that have sensitive moods
c. inject light flares for the image to be more dramatic
d. to reduce glare so that pictures appear more saturated, crisp, and vivid.

Here are some basic strategies on how to capture an image:

1. Holding the camera

You should clench the camera steadily and keep your spare fingers from interfering with the lens. This skill usually takes a few practices.

2. ) Focusing

To keep the camera from shuddering, it is better to half - press the camera until you are able to lock your view on the focus before completely unstable the button of the shutter.

You may besides use a tripod for better focusing.

3. ) Previewing

Take and retake pictures if necessary after previewing them in your LCD screen.

4. ) Archiving

Keep an album of your best photographs so that you can remit to them as you reserve on working your way to being great photographers.
Once you have mastered using your simple compact and especially digitals SLR cameras, you can surely accumulate photos using other cameras with great ease and perfection. That is a guarantee!




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